3384 Traxxas BL-2S 3300 Brushless Motor


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BL-2s Brushless Motor
The sensorless BL-2s 3300 kV motor delivers the all-day speed and torque you expect from brushless technology, without the high price tag. With no brushes to wear out, the BL-2s is long-lasting and virtually maintenance free. Low-friction ball bearings and an integrated cooling fan open the door to all-day fun.

BL-2s Brushless Motor Features

  • Integrated cooling fan
  • Low-maintenance design
  • High-speed ball bearings
  • 3300 kV

Integrated Cooling Fan
With no brushes to wear out, the BL-2s brushless motor delivers long-term fun with very low maintenance. An integrated fan pulls cooling air through the motor for all-day running without slowing down.

Type: Sensorless brushless
kV: 3300 kV
Wire Size: 16 gauge
Cooling: Integrated cooling fan
Motor Length: 57 mm
Can Diameter: 37 mm
Weight: 201 grams