AB5 Mcallister B5M/ B5 Street Stock and Late Model mounting kit


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  This kit includes Body Mount kit for B5M and B5 rear motor. They can be used on any Street Stock or Late Model body.

The pictures are examples of how you can move positions of the mount to fit different bodies. Trimming of front plate may be required to run bumper all the way to the rear. The rear mount will use the stock buggy wing mounts and can be used in the upright or upside down position to lower the back of the car. Use the provided foam strip on the rear between the wing mounts and the rear body mount to remove play if needed.

They are extremely durable. B5 models come with front bumper and rear mounts, so that no matter what body you are using, our mounts will work.

NOTE: The B5 mount option works for B5M or B5 cars.

Kit includes all necessary hardware and body posts to install. Rear mounts will need body clips to attach.

**mounting kit only**