DTXC3977 DuraTrax Bandito M 1/10 2.2" Rear Oval Buggy Tire (2) (C3)


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This is a pack of two DuraTrax Bandito M 1/10 2.2" Rear Oval Buggy Tires in Super Soft C3 Rubber Compound. 


  • Fits the rear of 2WD 1/10 scale buggies
  • Ideal for oval racing, pavement and hard packed clay surfaces
  • C3 (super soft) compound
Width: 1.7 (42.8mm)
Outer Diameter: 3.4 (86mm)
Inner Diameter: 2.1 (53mm)


  • (2) Duratrax 110 scale Bandito 2WD Super Soft Front Buggy Tires
  • (2) Closed Cell Foam Inserts