DUB2330 Du-Bro Body Reamer & Scissors Set


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This is the Du-Bro Body Reamer and Scissors Set. Two tools that should be considered essential for any shop are a Body Reamer and Lexan Scissors. Whether you are reaming holes for your body posts, or cutting a custom shape, you need quality tools and this set provides you with the equipment you need.


  • Contains: One Reamer, one pair body scissors
  • Scissors designed specifically for cutting accurately through Lexan
  • Body reamer allows precise control and drilling of custom sizes


  • (1) Body Reamer
  • (1) Pair of Body Scissors
    This is a pack of two black Du-Bro Body Klip Retainers. Du-Bro's innovative body clip retainers are the perfect option to help eliminate the frustration of lost body clips. Easy installation and they're available in a variety of colors, so it's easy to find one that blends in with your paint scheme. The package includes two body klip retainers, as well as a set of small body clips and a set of large body clips.