EXO1718ORG Exotek Racing 1718Org Fan Mount Clamp on Set, 1/10 Buggies, Trucks and Sedans (Orange)


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SSpecial clamp on alloy fan mount for today's buggies and sedans. The included mounting bracket has multi-mount features that allows the fan to be angled or parallel with the motor can.  Lightweight, secure and just what you needed to easily mount a fan in tight spaces! The angled design allows easy mounting of fans in 2wd buggies and trucks with 'lay down' style gearboxes. And for sedans the secure bracket holds the fan at a distance from the armature to avoid the magnetic fields of the motor disrupting the fans motor (too close and the fan does not operate at full rpm's). The mount can also mount the fan at the end bell in cramped 4wd buggies by using camber shims for spacing (not included- see picture).  The extra modular design means with a few adjustments you can mount a fan securely in just about any 1/10 car or truck. Designed for use with high power 30mm fans.