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Papa Willy’s Bubble Gum Traxion Tonic is designed for cold weather applications where track temperatures are 55° or colder. Bubble Gum Tonic is an aggressive Tonic and will soften the tire adding physical and dynamic grip to the rubber resulting in more consistent and faster lap times in cold temps.

To use:
Apply Papa Willy’s Bubble Gum Tonic directly to clean, dry tires. May be applied directly before racing; however, for best results multiple applications allowing the Tonic to soak into the rubber is preferred. As a race day prep, apply Bubble Gum Tonic 5-20 minutes before the next race. Adjust application time based on ambient temperature, humidity, etc. Bubble Gum Tonic is an aggressive blend and could cause damage to rubber RC tires. Bubble Gum Tonic is not recommended for super or mega soft tire compounds and user discretion is advised.

Papa Willy’s Traxion Tonic is a blend of chemicals that enhances the traction on RC car tires. Do not take it internally. Do not use in eyes. Avoid contact with skin. Not intended for children. Use precautions when using. By purchasing this product the user assumes all liability associated with misuse of this product.