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Bearing maintenance is one thing that plays a crucial factor in your performance on the race track. Special attention needs to be given to the bearings in the wheels and drivetrain because they are constantly exposed to extreme conditions.

  • Dirt and dust are the biggest killers of bearings. Once they start collecting inside the bearing, they act as sandpaper and increase wear and tear. Friction can result in slower lap times and premature failure, therefore you should regularly clean and lube the bearings.
  • Most bearings are packed with grease from the factory. Oil is less resistive compared to grease: Many people notice freer spinning wheels and drivetrain when bearings are lubed with oil. That’s because oil is less viscous and offer less rolling resistance.
  • Papa Willy’s Bearing Elixir was created with the RC racer in mind. Papa Willy’s Bearing Elixir is a thin, greaseless lubricant that penetrates quickly, displaces moisture, and will not attract dust or dirt – which is extremely important in RC racing.

Benefits of Papa Willy’s Bearing Elixir:

  1. Provides a dry, thin, lubricating film
  2. Faster, freer spinning bearings
  3. Resists oil, dust, and dirt buildup
  4.  Safe on most plastics