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Papa Willy’s Dark Horse 


Developed with expertise and inspired by the renowned Dark Horse Racing Team of Justin and Quinten Haley, Papa Willy's Dark Horse Traxion Tonic (PPWDRKHRS) is a specialized product designed for specific applications. Its unique formula increases tire grip without excessive softening, allowing racers to utilize more aggressive chassis setups and combat the challenge of "traction roll" on high bite/high grip surfaces. With a more aggressive setup, drivers can achieve faster corner speeds and lower lap times.

Simply apply Dark Horse Traxion Tonic to tires 5-20 minutes before each race for optimal performance. For enhanced results, multiple applications may be used.

 In cases where tire softening is necessary, we recommend using Papa Willy's Tire Tenderizer before applying Dark Horse Traxion Tonic.

Please note that PPWDRKHRS is not suitable for all applications.