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Papa Willy’s Orange Traxion Tonic (previously referred to as “Gold Tonic”) is a rubber tire prep designed for moist, high tracrion tracks that can take all the traction your car can produce. With a sweet orange scent, the Orange Tonic is a consistent A-Main podium finisher for low dust, high traction tracks across the United States.

To use:
Apply Papa Willy’s Golden Grape directly to clean tires. May be applied directly before racing, but works best when allowed to “dry-in”. We recommend applying at least 5 minutes before racing.

Papa Willy’s Traxion Tonic is a blend of chemicals that enhances the traction on RC car tires. Do not take internally. Do not use in eyes. Avoid contact with skin. Not intended for children. Use precautions when using. By purchasing this product the user assumes all liability associated with miss use of this product.