PUN4015 Punisher Series 2S High Amp Charge Cable 3ft XT60-4mm/5mm


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Heavy Duty XT60 Female (inside) on the charger side to provide a direct fit for chargers with an XT60 Male (inside) output.
High amperage gold plated 4mm/5mm step bullets on the battery side.
XH2S 3 Pin plug fits most charger balance ports (just line up negative wire) XH6 7 Pin included as an option
12awg High strand silicone wire for increased flexibility and amp flow.
Automotive grade jacket helps to prevent damage.
Balance wires are extended on both ends to provide flexibility with plugging In/Out
Marine grade heat shrink used on outer jacket to keep cable together.
Sleek Black design with Bright Green jacket.
Length: 36" (90cm)
Connector Type: XT60 (charger) Bullet Style (battery)