ST3766XG ST Racing Concepts Aluminum Threaded Rear Shock Body Set (Green) (2) (Slash)

ST Racing Concepts

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This is a set of optional ST Racing Concepts Aluminum Threaded Rear Shock Bodies, and are intended for use with the Traxxas Slash, and Slash 4x4, as well as the Nitro Slash. These CNC Machined Aluminum shock sets feature threaded aluminum shock bodies with O-ring installed pre-load adjustment collars, in which the O-ring secures your pre-load adjustments in place. Threaded shock bodies allow for precise ride height and spring pre-load adjustments making them an awesome upgrade for both bashers and racers! These shocks also feature aluminum lower shock caps to keep the shock cartridge straight and flex free during suspension operation and heavy suspension compression.
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Anodized factory 
  • Light and Strong
  • (2) Rear Aluminum Shock Bodies
  • (2) Adjustment Collars
  • (2) Lower Shock Caps