WRP-HM-175 HyperSpec™ Competition Stock Sensored Brushless Motor 17.5T

Whitz Racing Products

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The Whitz Racing Products HyperSpec™ Competition Stock Sensored Brushless Motor (17.5T) has been engineered for performance utilizing the best materials available. HyperSpec's new and unique design is optimized to provide strong torque while maximizing power and cooling all at once.  A proprietary design machined all aluminum anodized can focused on both short and long runs. Pulling maximum Amps with minimal resistance.

CNC-Machined Billet T6 Aluminum Can
New Stator Coating for Better Heat Dissipation
Accurately Mounted Sensors for best KV and RPM
Copper-Plated solder tabs
Proprietary Designed Can for Maximum Cooling
Adjustable Timing, Dual Sensor Ports
High Purity Copper Windings

Cells: 1-3S LiPo
Diameter: 35.8mm
Length: 52.1mm
Shaft Diameter: 3.175mm
Weight: 150g